Decentralized AI Diagnosis
Circuli is a medical AI diagnosis blockchain that helps develop, validate, and monetize AI diagnostic algorithms to make diagnosis secure, accessible and transparent.
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AI Development

Circuli will provide a platform to develop and validate AI algorithms for medical diagnosis. All algorithms will be validated according to their speed and accuracy. The platform allows increased accessibility to reliable data sets and expert data scientists.

Development Platform
Diagnostic Process
Decentralized AI Diagnosis Platform

The healthcare industry is constantly trying to integrate ever-evolving technology into their systems, but is still inefficient with respect to AI diagnosis. The main factors affecting this delay are lack of accessibility to reliable data sets and difficulty in recruiting and maintaining an effective data science team.

Next Generation AI

The healthcare industry is still inefficient with integrating AI diagnosis technology into their systems. The main factors affecting this delay are lack of accessibility to reliable data sets and difficulty in recruiting and maintaining an effective data science team.

Crowdsourcing AI diagnostic algorithms and medical data.

An ecosystem of AI scientists, data providers, and general users.

Affordable AI diagnosis through DApps.

Smart contracts allow credible transactions and rewards.

Reliable and accurate data from professionals.

Token Sales

There will be different bonuses for early investors. The purchase platform is Ethereum. Circuli plans to eventually use the Reserve as a buffer for a stable token economy only. Unsold tokens will be allocated to the Reserve.

Name CIL
Exchange 1 CIL = $0.08
Currency ETH
Hard Cap $20 million
Soft Cap $4 million
Pre-sale Start TBD
Pre-sale End TBD
Token Distribution
Token Allocation
Project Progress
Shin Um
Founder & CEO
Dong Won Kim
CMO (Chief medical officer, MDD)
Chris Suh
Yong Beom Kim
Document Illustration
Circuli is an ecosystem which combines the initiatives of medical entities, researchers, AI scientists, and commercial, public and private entities in order to make medical diagnosis more accurate and accessible.
Circuli is a blockchain-based platform that revolves around 3 long-term goals:
  1. Decentralize medical AI diagnosis by creating an ecosystem for healthcare professionals, AI scientists, and commercial, public, and private entities.
  2. Facilitate a system where medical AI can be transparent and interpretable.
  3. Minimize the cost and maximize accuracy of diagnosis through automation to benefit patients.
ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a mechanism for raising funds, under the terms of which digital currency are sold for various liquid cryptocurrencies. CIL is a utility coin. Utility coins are used in their respective projects only, providing bonuses or used to pay for services.
CIL is a utility coin used on the Circuli platform. Initially, it will be sold as a digital ERC20 Ethereum token. CIL is a virtual currency, which is used by CIL platform participants. CIL allows users to develop and use AI algorithms on the platform.
The ICO will begin in October 2018.
All unsold tokens will be allocated to the Reserve.
You can find the progress of ICO on this site or by contacting us at
Regular participants can pre-register for KYC certification and participate in free/crowd sales according to the announced schedule. The address of the wallet to participate will be released on the day of token sale, and detailed information and schedule will be informed in the future notice.
There is no amount limit to participate. While we appreciate the support of our community from all over the world, we are committed to full AML/KYL compliance. You cannot participate in the ICO if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise), or green card holder of the U.S., China, South Korea, or any country where the participation in ICO is illegal, you are ineligible to participate.
KYC (“know your client/customer/counterparty”) and AML (“anti-money laundering”) are two key elements of modern legal compliance processes. Our KYC and AML policy can be found in our White Paper.
For some reason, an email can take a very long time to be delivered, or not come at all. There are numerous reasons for this, not depending on us. Please check your spam, all mail, promotion, and other folders. If there is still no email after a few hours, be sure to contact us at
You can contact us at We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Circuli.